question-markIt is said that we each have a dominant question.  These questions can sometimes run riot in our minds, but they also help us to gather information and learn.

Those of us who ask “what?” want to know the facts and the process.

Those of us who ask ‘how?’ want to know context and how connections are made between a and z.

Those of us who ask“what if?” want to know about the alternatives

Those of us who ask “why?” want to know why we should care.

So given you may be carrying around a question other than ‘why?’ here is our simple guide. If you are asking:


We recommend that you read our story and consider checking out our development overview and our One Voice overview.
Have a look at our One Voice Process and Masterclass overview
Please check out our customize page. Then if that’s still not doing it for you, you can email or call us and we can look at alternatives.
Stay right here and read on….


Many of our workplace grievances spill into our personal lives –
together we can change that and it starts here..

You care and will want to work with us because you:
  • know that change starts with you.
  • are sensitive to the needs of your tribe at work
  • maybe know that if you invest just six weeks to read and coach you will stretch yourself and make a difference.
  • realize that getting help for your team or company is a healthy next step
  • may have worked with a host of consultants but saw that the strategies didn’t ‘stick’
  • love to learn and grow
  • don’t have access to the type of training or education you feel you want right now
  • like the idea of working with a collaborative coach or team of coaches
  • believe much of what we believe. It just resonates.

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When wouldn’t I use Considering Starlings?

We thought it would be useful to end with a different question and look at this from an alternate perspective too. We aim for all our engagements to be efficacious and rich learning experiences, whether you choose to Read & Coach, appoint us to run a One Voice program or work with us to customize your training or HR protocols. In some cases we just might not be a good fit. Here are some reasons why not…

  • You are hungry for lots and lots and lots of statistical analysis about your company
  • You are looking for a really quick fix
  • You feel that this work could become too touchy feely for your company or team
  • You are going to intentionally hide all your elephants from us in fear we’ll judge

Even if you feel we aren’t for you, you came this far and we might be able to refer you to someone who can help, so feel free to email us to discuss different options.