Are you blocking creativity & communication?

Idea paintDid you recently ask your facilities manager or interior designer to order and hang that 80″ TV on the conference room wall? Did you also think to order a large whiteboard too? I’m guessing not.

On several recent visits to companies, I have to confess I have felt at a bit of a disadvantage. On being ushered into some very nice conference rooms, with very comfortable seating and the pre-requisite audio visual set up, I have noticed the complete lack of anywhere to write, draw, or otherwise communicate an idea, other than to speak it or present it through powerpoint.

The thing is, I know I’m not the only one that would give up that big leather conference chair that has me gyroscoping like a trainee astronaut, for a small patch of real estate on which to sketch out an idea.

In meetings I can tell when someone wants to leap up and draw or write on a wall, or I notice people creating teeny diagrams in their notebooks, which are impossible to share in realtime with a large group.

In a company full of smart engaged people we can assume that there will be many different communication styles. Yes, some folks will always be prepared for every meeting and every eventuality, bringing their powerpoint slides along and be as happy as larry. Yet other folks could be holding back a great idea simply because they do not have the tools with which to convey it.

If the idea of a whiteboard or chalkboard seems simply too juvenile for your professional and sophisticated company image, consider idea paint which comes in many colors and will produce a whole writable wall; seamless integration into your conference room set up.

Foster many styles of communication in your company and innovation may just get richer and deeper. So go grab a handful of fabulously colorful fat markers and start writing on that washable wall, it will unleash something inside of you…. you’ll see.