An almost perfect 24-hours


I thrive on the diversity of assignments we get to work on and the people with which we get to play. The last 24-hours was a pretty cool slice of the things we love to do and we wanted to share.

This is a day we spent Considering Starlings.

Tuesday 22nd January
– Sent new coaching client her ‘briefing questionnaire’ so we can be clear what the coaching engagement needs to look like in order to reach her end goals.

– Drove to meet with a new potential client, who needs help communicating his product’s brand attributes to a consumer audience. It’s a potentially a great assignment with some great research and mystery shopping involved!

– Returned to talk to a CEO client about his upcoming leadership development meeting. Lots of discussion about management vs. leadership and examples of some hands-on exercises to help the team understand the differences.

– Received a call from an Automotive company to see if we might be interested in curating and moderating an innovation forum as part of an education platform for senior executives. Now that sounds fun!

– Give input on a progress review tool that we are updating for a creative agency. Together we’ve developed a great tool that measures behavior through values and skills.

All in all a very productive day, edging us closer to our goal of helping 100 businesses and their employees in the next year.