Looking for a thank you gift for your Summer intern, a maternity gift for your colleague or something to wear to the office gym? We’ve got you covered with our murmuration merchandise.
(Welcome to our preview – our store will activate soon!)

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We have a range of covers to protect your iphone from the daily bumps and accidental drops.

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It’s amazing what we can achieve in just 15-minutes. Each time you have a cup of coffee you could also tidy your desk, clear up your outlook inbox or *insert your 15 minute activity here*. You could also take a brain break and put a bird on it. Alternatively, just grab a few of our cheery mugs to bring some style into your office kitchen. Reusing your mug throughout the day is more eco friendly too!

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Whether you work at a progressive company where 40 winks after lunch is encouraged, or you’re just looking to introduce a few soft furnishings to warm up your break room, these 100% cotton pillows will do the trick.

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Our tees and hoodies will take you straight from office to gym or to the park with the kids. We even have an organic onesie for the newest office baby. Gifts for yourself, or others, that won’t break the bank.