Who We Work With

starlings-two-01Here is a list of recent ‘customize & synchronize’ assignments:
  • Creation of a CSR platform for an automotive company
  • Training design for a pharmaceutical company
  • The development and writing of a company handbook along with online training for a creative agency
  • Brand culture development & change management coaching for a medium sized medical practice
  • Employee engagement audit for an opthalmology clinic
  • Design and implementation of a 360 review assessment for a creative agency
  • One Voice  for a computer hardware testing company.
  • One Voice and website art direction for a Cloud and software engineering company
  • Facilitated workshop for a new Venture Capital company’s board of  directors
  • Office & facility design for a food packaging company based on organizational dynamics
  • Design of a soccer team’s lounge to promote pride and team dynamics
  • Team leader coaching & development for a dermatological clinic
  • Creative and Strategic projects for various agencies looking to develop their client relationships (Automotive, Sports,Telecommunications)
  • Various coaching engagements with high potentials, CEO’s and entrepreneurs