CandiceConsidering Starlings Founder & CEO, Candice Brokenshire, SMC-C, CPCC.

If you have already read Our Story you will find many parallels here!

Born and educated in the UK, I have worked across several continents, finally settling and becoming a citizen of the USA. Along with being a consultant and creative resource, I am proud to be a Certified Coach having trained at both The Coaches Training Institute and The Center for Right Relationship (CRR Global).

Prior to becoming a coach in 2007, I served on the U.S board of directors for an international branding and experiential design consultancy; leading global teams on B2B,  B2C  and culture change programs for companies such as Ford Motor Company, Diageo, Yahoo! and Johnson & Johnson.

This unique combination of brand strategy, experiential design and coaching methodology supports the Considering Starlings team to develop and deliver a wide suite of services, and the ability to get involved with companies and their employees at many levels.

We really look forward to helping you elevate your workplace experience too.

Masterclass Faculty

Sally Eastwood

Masterclass faculty - Sally Eastwood

What do you get when you throw the following ingredients into a pot?
Two of the most cliche-ridden professions on the planet (lawyer and car salesman)
One pond-hopping Brit
A generous dash of curiosity
A dollop of passion
A pinch of bravery
Well, let’s mix it all up and see…

Having completed a law degree and figuring out that wasn’t my destiny in life, I immediately embarked on a career in the automotive business for a quintessentially British company. When an ex-pat assignment brought me to the US, I fell in love with the country, moving around wherever needed and pursuing disciplines from product training to human resources; franchising to marketing. After seven years as VP of Marketing, I left the company when it relocated back east. My heart was in California and still it remains. I transitioned from client to vendor, with stints in video production, head-hunting and consulting, before realizing that it was time to follow my heart, or any other way of saying: “I quit”. I wanted to write, so now I’m writing. That pinch of bravery is what’s giving this concoction its intense flavor right now. I work from home in Laguna Beach with my dogs at my feet and the ocean outside my window. I pen articles for magazines, newspapers and websites as well as writing and co-editing a quarterly kids’ lifestyle magazine. I’m writing a book and dipping my toe into TV.

Having worked as a client, a vendor and now for myself, I bring perspectives from all angles to advise and assist people to make the best decisions for themselves and their teams. Bon appetit!

Scott McKee – Volunteer educator & non-profit liaison


Combining a bachelor of arts degree in English (Hamilton College class of 1991) with a passion for auto racing has resulted in a fascinating and fun career adventure! My path through the professional sports, automotive and high-tech industries has included everything from freelance journalism to event marketing and sponsorship to stints as director of public relations and vice president of marketing for a variety of luxury and mass market brands.

Throughout my journey two key themes have remained constant: education and passion. I love learning and have a passion for sharing new knowledge with others. Whether it’s mentoring new employees, working with clients or just spending time with friends, I love intellectual diversity and challenge. It seems my parents, both lifelong educators, instilled in me a natural instructive instinct to translate complex or intimidating subjects into easily understood language – always with the mission of converting education into action. Small wonder then that I enjoyed One Voice Brand Culture training so much as a student and relish each opportunity to share its fascinating and powerful insights.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I love all forms of fitness, especially yoga and Krav Maga self-defense classes. I enjoy reading well-written books, spending time outdoors with my lovely wife Lisa in the gorgeous Southern California sun and petting any furry dog that happens to walk by.
Your project may require a single coach or it may require a full team. Considering Starlings is a collaboration of coaches, organizational development professionals, training facilitators and graphic designers. We can become part of your existing team or we can curate one for you. We work with companies large and small, new and established and have broad industry experience. If you want to find out if we are a good fit for you or your company simply call or email us about your needs.