Our Culture

dnaWe believe that:
  • Monday morning can be as thrilling as Friday night
  • if we were happier during our 9-5 work day, the world at large would be a more positive place
  • we can live more balanced lives where our friends and families don’t have to take the brunt of our work stress
  • everyone contributes to company culture whether they intend to or not.
  • those who lead with their strengths contribute greatly
  • hiring and firing through values saves time and money, and is a win-win for both employee and company
  • some ‘leaders’ need to step out of the way while others need to be more engaged
  • managers could benefit from acting a lot more like coaches
  • Facebook is not a forum to bitch about bosses or colleagues
  • everyone could do with some foundational skills in order to be part of a successful team
  • fairness is key across leadership, teamwork and culture
  • a ‘we’ culture will get further than an ‘I’ culture
  • knowing where we are headed as a team and how I am doing as part of that team is important
  • an aligned and responsive culture is a culture that can survive in both good and bad times.


We therefore feel our purpose is to provide education, coaching and support to teams and individuals who crave a fulfilling and rewarding workplace experience.


We know values are actually behaviors and not just framed words on the wall in reception. All the coaches, consultants and designers you work with will:

and provide a confidential and consistent, focused learning environment.
experimentation, resourcefulness and creativity.
by acknowledging the quirks, the heartache and the unglamorous stuff that needs to get done to synchronize the bigger picture.
you and your teams to see the possibilities and hold people accountable to reach their goals and potential.