Our Story

1890 Starlings are released in Central Park

Like CS founder, Starlings originated in Europe. Eugene Schieffelin wanted to introduce all the birds mentioned in the plays of  William Shakespeare to North America so in 1890 he released 60 starlings into New York City’s Central Park.

1990 Graduation

A century later, our founder graduates with a Psychology (Hons) degree in her back pocket and yet chooses to work in the theater. It’s during these years that we learn about the importance of storytelling, immersion and the power of inspiration.

1998 Across the pond

Like our starlings, the move is made from England to the USA. The years that follow are spent with large corporations, launching products and services, creating consumer experiences, B2B experiences and developing culture change programs for global companies.

2007 Coaching

Our coaching feet are found with training at both The Coaches Training Institute and the Center for Right Relationship. We join the International Coach Federation and open the first of our downtown coaching facilities under the name ‘Red Barn coaching’. It’s the year we find our future collaborators and the world is seen through a new lens.

2008 Spring – The epiphany

Having expected to embark on coaching engagements with individuals in career transition, new entrepreneurs and over wrought CEOs, there was still a requirement and ongoing request for brand culture development. After wrestling with the idea that ‘that’s what consultants do and that’s all in the past’, it became starkly apparent the same culture change, organizational development and brand building assignments could be executed with a more collaborative ‘coach approach’ and One Voice was born.

2008 Summer – One Voice

Our One Voice program essentially blends the fields of branding, coaching & organizational development, to create a platform from which brand culture is recognized and can continue to grow. Our coach approach to building brand culture was quickly adopted by many companies looking for less conflict, less waste and less confusion in the workplace.  One Voice represents an affordable alternative for companies and entrepreneurs who are craving a strong foundation on which to build. We always aim to close a One Voice program with fulfilled and engaged employees, leading to an uptick in the company’s bottom line.

2010 Masterclass

Through our coaching engagements and One Voice assignments we notice a much neglected gap in professional development, so after much research and development, the masterclass study groups were launched. Members read contemporary business books and actively learn and share their work life experiences with peers. These nine-month study programs have served members in multiple countries in both the private and public sectors, from companies such as Nordstrom, Kaiser Permanente, Just in Time for Foster Youth, Fisker Automotive and SDN. We learned that having peer learning across industries was incredibly valuable and we now offer a scholarship program for NGOs to ensure they are represented too.

2011 Read & Coach

While the Masterclass has served, and continues to serve, individuals and companies looking for a solid foundation in workplace dynamics, it felt as if we needed to offer something to folks who only had the bandwidth to dip their toes in the water. We therefore took all our experience from running the Masterclasses and developed the 6-week read & coach study guides. Now anyone can choose a book and walk through their workplace situation with a coach in six week actionable chunks. It’s like having a regular coaching engagement but with additional education thrown in.

2012 Customize & Synchronize

This section could sit almost anywhere in the last five years of this timeline. As you can imagine, once you become intimate with a company’s culture and dynamics, you become a resource for many of its human capital needs. Many of our clients are long term clients where we may have started with a One Voice program, moved to developing a 360 review system to then coaching a handful of team leaders. While we have our suite of services, we are also able to adapt them based on each individual brief we receive.  This ability to be so flexible and responsive is the reason why ‘Considering Starlings’ came to be. We needed a naming concept that was large enough to incorporate our educational programs, our coaching offer, our One Voice program and still be inclusive of all the great assignments we are asked to be involved with. We found our muse in the curious murmuration; a self organized, adaptable, responsive, transformational entity which inspired us and yet challenged us… hence ‘Considering Starlings’ took flight.

2013 Goals

Our goal for 2013/2014 is to help employees of 100 companies to positively influence the culture at their place of work.

With the team of Considering Starlings collaborators, we work with businesses large and small, to witness the behavior of an organization and determine whether the behavior is actually supporting the people, goals and vision of the company. We identify the elements that inform brand culture and work with each company to align identity, tone of voice, HR policies, financial planning and company operations to gain a more consistent and significant presence in the marketplace and a purposeful and engaging work environment for employees.

You can help us with this goal by referring colleagues, co-workers, friends and family to the Read & Coach and Masterclass programs or by picking up the phone and choosing to be a change agent or catalyst for positive culture yourself. Whether you choose to engage us to walk your company through a One Voice culture program or ask us to customize a set of services just for you, we will be by your side every step of the way.

Your project may require a single coach or it may require a full team. Considering Starlings is a collaboration of coaches, organizational development professionals, training facilitators and graphic designers. We have broad industry experience and can become part of your existing team or we can curate a team for you. If you want to find out if we are a good fit for you or your company simply call or email us about your needs.

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