“The [Masterclass] study group is an essential tool for any company focused on creating a better workplace environment, and essentially a more prosperous, thriving business powered by happy employees”.

—AB, Project Manager, NJ

“I have learned a great deal about how I can affect change in my organization, how to be a better leader, and how to manage my own work experience to maximize my chances for success and fulfillment. I’ve also enjoyed a feeling of connectedness with fellow students and hope for the future, as we realize that we’re all looking for pretty much the same things at work: fun, fulfillment, a certain level of autonomy and creative freedom, and the chance to learn new things and master new skills. And you can quote me on that!

— SM, Director Communications, Summer 2011 Masterclass

“Candice brings a fresh and dynamic POV to every text, and will have you thinking around corners in very short order.”

—JW, Recruiter for the Creative industry, Sydney Australia

“I’m loving the course! Both books we’ve read so far held life-changing information for me, and I can’t wait for what comes next. My personal reading list for after the course gets longer with every passing week!”

—Member, Fall 2011 Masterclass

“The [Masterclass] study group is an opportunity to learn from some of the best and most current thinkers and opinion leaders in the areas of organizational culture, branding and change management – and to do so with other bright, motivated and inquisitive professionals from diverse backgrounds, adding energy and insight to the experience”.

—Business Owner, CA

“Pricing is very fair given the duration of the course and constant coach-led curriculum. I think the price point allows individual business people/entrepreneurs and also multiple people from larger organizations an affordable way to learn about this vital aspect of business.”.

—MB, General Manager, Summer 2012 Masterclass

“This program is enriching on both a professional and personal level. participants will gain insights on how to create a more functional workplace as a unit and a more fulfilling environment for each individual.”

—Project Manager, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“I found some of the missing ideas and language needed to help make my organization be the best that it can be. I really valued the lessons learnt. You will learn more than you expect and want to do more with what you learn.

— JC, Executive Director, NGO, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“I think it has taught me to value what everyone brings to the table…including my own set of skills. The part that takes time is putting the puzzle together to make sure everyone is bringing their best each day, to each different project…. and getting them to think that way too!

— Member, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“Fantastic! This was really valuable for me…..I dont think a lot of people my age heading into the workforce think about their workplace in this kind of way. Usually we’re just thinking “I need a job! I need a job!” It’s really enlightening to see how the right attitude and way of doing things can support both the company you work for, as well as the individuals working at it. I really look forward to implementing my project with everyone in August. Thanks Coach, it’s been an absolute pleasure!

—Project Manager, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“I’ve gained a new appreciation for how company culture is a fundamental part of what our working life is built on. Using the program I feel like I’ve learned new skills and found tools that can help me become a force for a positive company culture….. I would highly recommend it to any company (particularly one that is struggling)

— EH, Creative Director, Summer 2011 Masterclass

“[What I gained] One word comes to mind…CONFIDENCE

— CD, Event Manager, Summer 2011 Masterclass

“My organization has gained a more educated, deliberate and mindful leader, one who is culturally aware and equipped with tools to help me and my team achieve and sustain our best.

— Member, Summer 2011 Masterclass

“I love talking about the subject of branding /corporate culture etc…….never realized that I had such a passion for it until [now]…..and loved loved the Switch book and your juxtaposing this against the movie to understand scale and feasibility of model application…..it was brilliant.

— SW, Member, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“I like hearing from the other group members about their experiences implementing the principles [we learn].

— Member, Fall 2010 Masterclass

“The tools, knowledge and experience I have gained are priceless! This program not only benefits me, but those I work with and report to as I can share my knowledge and tools with them as well.

— BS, Account Director, Member, Fall 2010 Masterclass