Read + Coach

open-bookYou may have found that you read a great business book with every intention of putting what you learn into practice but somewhere along the plan get waylaid; a new project pops up, a new team member starts or a family activity takes priority. The ‘read and coach’ program was developed to address this very challenge.

By working with a coach as you read each book, you (and your co-workers, if you enroll with others) will break your new learning into digestible bites where you can implement new ideas as you go. You will be given a study guide that accompanies your book of choice up front, so you can activate a new tool, skill or approach in real time. You can go through your read and coach program as an individual, with a partner (friend/colleague) or in a small study group of eight people (team/department).

You will develop:
  • New leadership skills
  • A new sense of ‘self’ and purpose
  • An appreciation of your personal impact and contribution
  • An understanding around how to foster culture
  • A whole new perspective on the world around you

Your coach will guide you through each book, while listening to your existing situation at work, helping you to create goals, offering encouragement, sharing new perspectives and holding you accountable. Yes, it may sound a little like boot camp for professional development, but put in the work and you will have results to show for it.

To start you just have to take these easy steps.


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“The study group is an essential tool for any company focused on creating a better workplace environment, and essentially a more prosperous, thriving business powered by happy employees”.

—Amy Babcock, Project Manager, NJ