starlings_badgeThe Masterclass takes Read and Coach one step further where we give you even more tools and support to become a catalyst for positive company culture.

Becoming part of the Masterclass program will give you the opportunity to explore the work of current thought leaders in the fields of brand culture, leadership and change. Think of it as a book club for business but layered with coaching and workplace relevant assignments. Not only will the Masterclass point you in the right direction, it will challenge you to apply new models and perspectives into your own company or organization while holding others accountable to do the same.

“I’m loving the course! Both books we’ve read so far held life-changing information for me, and I can’t wait for what comes next. My personal reading list for after the course gets longer with every passing week!”

—Member, Fall 2011 Masterclass

This nine month curriculum includes reading, practical assignments, study partner calls, group peer-to-peer learning calls and individual coaching. You will be supplied with a contemporary, relevant reading list and an accompanying study guide for each text on the curriculum, highlighting the tools that you can apply to your company or organization in real time. When you belong to one of our Masterclass Study Groups you will be part of a supportive learning ‘system’ and develop the skills to observe and create sustainable culture within your own organization. The masterclasses are kept small in order to maximize sharing and learning. Each study group will comprise 4 to 8 members.

You can join as an individual and be placed with other study group members from other organizations in different industries, however we highly recommend that you go through the Masterclass with at least one co-worker so that you can share the experience and make your learning even more actionable.

When you become a member of masterclass study group you will:

We run masterclass study groups three times a year. In the Spring, Summer and Fall. To become a member of a Masterclass study group there is $1,800 per person registration fee. Books and materials are purchased separately, please allow approx. $160.00. We peruse applications and curate the study groups based on a mix of experience and location – we accept international membership applications too.

If you have any further questions about the Masterclass please use the form on the contact page using the subject title ‘ Masterclass study group’ – Click Here

“The [Masterclass] study group is an opportunity to learn from some of the best and most current thinkers and opinion leaders in the areas of organizational culture, branding and change management – and to do so with other bright, motivated and inquisitive professionals from diverse backgrounds, adding energy and insight to the experience”.

—Business Owner, CA

“Pricing is very fair given the duration of the course and constant coach-led curriculum. I think the price point allows individual business people/entrepreneurs and also multiple people from larger organizations an affordable way to learn about this vital aspect of business.”.

—Project Manager, Summer 2012 Masterclass