booknotesWe offer professional development programs which support you to navigate your particular workplace situation. We have two tracks. You can customize a program around your company’s needs, or you can enroll yourself or a team into one of our educational programs.

The foundation for each of our educational programs is a library of contemporary business books and accompanying study guides. We then layer in practical, relevant assignments and coaching based on your real world challenges and opportunities for growth. For a company there might be value in enrolling co-workers to look at optimizing team dynamics. For an individual there might be the desire to learn more about leadership.

Our Read & Coach programs run in 6-week cycles and our Masterclass program features a content rich 9-month curriculum. Each program is available to individuals and to study groups up to 8 members. If you are looking for talent development on a larger scale please check out our suite of services, and if what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest, the links on the left will take you to the deeper dive on the educational programs we offer. We really look forward to supporting your professional and personal growth.

“Candice brings a fresh and dynamic POV to every text, and will have you thinking around corners in very short order.”

—Julie Weinman, Recruiter for the Creative industry, Sydney Australia