Services : Customize & synchronize

elephant2Does your organization have a proverbial elephant in the room that you’re all trying to ignore? Is it holding you or your team back from delivering on your full potential? Elephants rarely leave on their own accord but that’s OK, because we’re here to help you address it and move it along. Beyond elephant removal, we offer a wide range of services across the categories of leadership, teamwork and culture. Each of our services can be customized to address your specific HR needs and desired outcomes.

If you have already identified a challenge, or if things in your organization just feel ‘off’ please give us a call and we’ll look at customizing a strategy for you. Below are a few ideas on where we could start elevating and synchronizing your team.


Audits or surveys can take on many forms. Here are a few examples A. Employee engagement – how engaged are your employees and what can be changed to engaged them further? B. Perception audit – what do your customers think and feel about you and your products and services today? C. Competitive audit – what are your ownable points of differentiation? Audits can be phone based interviews, field work or delivered online.

Brand culture development & team alignment

Through a mix of coaching and consultancy we can define and communicate the company DNA that makes you, you. We call this process ‘One Voice’. This is not a traditional approach to developing company culture and branding. Yes, we can work with you and your team on your brand strategy; positioning, values, products, customer benefits, etc. but we don’t stop there. We know that in order for you to thrive emotionally and profitably, your entire team need to be energized around a purpose; an inspirational idea that serves as the catalyst for your company’s brand culture – so fundamental and yet so often overlooked. For more information check out our One Voice offer in Company Culture.

Coaching - teams & individuals

We offer coaching to individuals and teams to support clarity of vision, provide accountability and leverage potential.

‘Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, improve performance and produce fulfilling results in their lives. Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they believe the client is naturally creative and resourceful. The coach’s job is to provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.’ (Source –

If you are interested in coaching for yourself or for a team please contact us and we will be happy to design a coaching program for you.

Change management

Change management essentially covers any desire to alter a behavior or set of behaviors. This need might be required because of a need to alter a process or protocol, due to conflict or cultural dissonance, or it might be required when downsizing, reorganizing or merging teams.

Any good change management process needs a clear ‘Why’, positive change agents, a strategy to handle resistance (and the knowledge to understand the difference between natural, good and destructive resistance), a clear path with milestones and a recognizable destination. We can provide these elements as an integrated strategy. If you need to go through any state of change we can help you with all of your planning and be by your side every step of the way. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Conflict navigation

Some conflict within a company is completely natural, however when conflict obstructs productivity you have a problem. We help teams and pairs of individuals navigate their conflict through a process of venting and alignment coaching.

Our goal is less about negating, or resolving the conflict entirely, as we will honor both perspectives, instead we navigate the conflict through the DNA of the company and desired outcomes. If you are experiencing conflict in your workplace we encourage you to tackle it now instead of allowing it to fester and take root.

Copy writing & graphic design

Once we develop a tool for a client we need to package it. We have copy writers and a graphics design team that can handle these needs. These folks are also available to work on other associated projects such as updates to websites, intranets, press releases and other internal and external communications.

Customer experience development

Not only do we look at internal communications we can help you with your customer communications too. We believe that brands start at the core of your company with a consistent set of beliefs and values, these then manifest outside your front door in the form of your products and services. We are able to design your customer experience whether this be at retail, online or through another channel.

Educational programs

If you are looking to enroll in an educational program outside of your place of work, we have two programs for you – Read & Coach and Masterclass study group programs.

Our Reach & Coach program runs in 6-week cycles where you read a business book and engage in coaching around a workplace challenge or an aspect of professional development. For those of you who can commit more time, we run a 9-month long masterclass program where you will be supported to be a catalyst for positive change. Please visit our Read & Coach and Masterclass pages for more details.

Employment branding & Employee Engagement

Employment branding is simply the application of brand through your hiring policies, pipeline strategy, retention and separation strategies. Having a clear employment brand that aligns with your company DNA is a critical part of making the most successful hires, retaining valuable staff and knowing when a separation is required.

If you are interested in creating an employment brand and developing HR policies and processes that align with your desired company culture, please give us a call.

Expert panels, forums and events

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective or two to get our creativity kickstarted. We are able to pull together expert panels or a brainstorm team to help get those synapses firing.

If this is a larger event in a conference format we are able to handle all the logistical elements too, from participant registration, hotel blocks, transportation, meals, panel curation, presentation materials and moderators. Our panels, forums and events always have both learning and action in mind. We make sure that you are able to extract significant value from your investment.

Facility design - offices & workplace environments

We approach facility design from a place of organizational dynamics. Who works with who? How does communication flow? What are your needs to foster certain attributes of your DNA such as collaboration or innovation? We ask a lot of questions before we set pen to paper. We then create a space plan which organizes all the zones you require and how employees are situated throughout. We have professional interior designers who can help you with your next office build out or personnel move around. Let us help you optimize your environment and increase your team’s productivity.

Indexes & indicators

We are aware that on some occasions having data to back up a strategy, for example to build high performance teams, can be really useful. If you are looking for a particular assessment to be performed by a certified practitioner please contact us about your needs.

Leadership development

Leadership development has three layers. The first layer represents the skills. The second layer represents the DNA of your company. The third layer represents your company goals. This layering means that a leader in your company will look very different to a leader in another.

We get to the bottom of what makes a successful leader in your company and then build results driven leadership development programs incorporating each of the three layers; skills, DNA and goals.

Leadership off-sites

Without accountability and a regular tune up, leaders of your company may actually be behaving more like managers. By creating a ritual around leadership off-sites you can focus leaders to work on the business instead of working in the business. Next time you plan a leadership meeting, partner with an executive coach who can support new awareness around a leadership topic or company challenge. Or leverage a facilitator who can keep you looking in all the valuable places. Book one of our professionals to inject new purpose and energy into your leadership meeting and start experiencing accelerated growth and results.

Naming strategy

We have had the opportunity to generate names for new companies, programs, protocols, processes and products. If you are struggling to come up with a name we can help you generate names or develop a naming hierarchy.

Pipeline strategy & Succession planning

Pipeline strategies can be daunting, so much so that a lot of companies ignore this tool entirely. These companies may either have under utilized resources in various departments of the company, or worse still, will let their most talented and valuable personnel up and leave with the belief that ‘no one cares about my development’ or that ‘there was no where else to go within the company’. Now while in some cases the latter might be a true statement, it often isn’t. What might be happening is that a new role for that valuable employee has not yet been identified because there wasn’t a tool in place to look!

A pipeline strategy that is integrated with your hiring policy, progress reviews, talent development, company goals and growth is a very powerful tool. A pulsing pipeline strategy can keep your company responsive and thriving, with personnel who feel cared for and motivated.

Progress review development/360’s

Does your ‘Performance review’ template actually measure the qualities that are critical for your company to be the best it can be? Does it measure your specific skill sets and whether your team are living the company values and delivering on company goals?

So many 360’s are bought off the shelf and are made vanilla to suit a wide range of organizational tastes. We want to let you know that there is an alternative. We can create affordable reviews in all sorts of flavors, customized and scaled to your company. These reviews are built online and are easy to use, with post review reports that actually deliver useful information that can be used throughout the year. We also provide training for managers on how to get the best out of the review process, so instead of review time being a dreaded time suck, it’s simply part of a healthy leadership responsibility. If you would like to discuss the review possibilities for your company please contact us.

Stress management

Stress can be the cause of a lot of workplace strife. We have an educational model around stress management that we apply on both a 1:1 and group basis. We make it simple to understand and put into action.

“What I valued most from your session was learning the difference between good and bad stress.  We often hear that we should strive for stress free living- which interestingly enough creates more stress.  However, you taught me that the right amount of good stress is required for me to perform at my optimum level. I now have an invaluable tool to help guide me through stressful situations.  I have already put these steps into practice, both personally and professionally.  The results have been great.  Both my family and clients thank you!” Randy Tabor, Strategic Relationship Manager, Experian

Training/talent development

We have developed training approaches and tools that make the learning stick. We approach talent development in a few different ways. a. We can work with your internal subject matter experts to design the ‘training experience’ where the SMEs populate our template with your material. Working this way means we are able to work with a diverse range of industries. Or b. we spend time immersing ourselves in your world, leading to a greater understanding of your priorities and design tools and materials to fit. We can also design training modules and train your trainers or internal staff to deliver the materials. All to say we’ve delivered talent development assignments from several different perspectives and in different channels – in person and on-line, and would love to help you with your next training day or work with you to develop a full training curriculum for your department or company.

Workshops - skill drills

We design training on topics of your choice, we also have a tool kit of our own and can come into your workplace to deliver workshops on a host of topics including leadership, communication, giving meaningful acknowledgement and listening skills.

We can plan a series of workshops for your company that build a range of skills or simply come in and host a workshop on a topic of your choice and immediate need.

Your project may require a single coach or it may require a full team. Considering Starlings is a collaboration of coaches, organizational development professionals, training facilitators and graphic designers. We can become part of your existing team or we can curate one for you.

“I had the good fortune to meet Candice seven years ago and have worked with her in several capacities over that time. Our initial work together was to create a brand center that brought the brand to life and to develop a training tool to ensure consistency in all executions. Candice has a unique ability to create a brand experience by understanding the true essence of a brand and the critical consumer touch points to form a lasting relationship. Most recently, our work together was to develop a training and immersion tool for a new brand/new business and to tap her coaching expertise for pipeline development. Candice is totally engaged in her work and has keen insight into people that allows for energizing and effective collaboration across many disciplines and personalities. You will go further and faster with Candice on your team and will always end up in a much better place”

– Margaret, Aleles, Innovation Executive, Strategy, Growth and Commercialization, 
Johnson & Johnson.