One Voice Process

footprintsOur One Voice process is adjusted based on your desired outcomes, however across all One Voice engagements, the process follows the same basic steps.
A. Briefing
Objective: Define project goals/desired outcomes and key stakeholders. Gain insight into existing brand attributes/bright spots and required shift

We send you a questionnaire and then meet you face to face to discuss your input. In this phase we establish where your company stands today and where you would like to take it. We then look at the opportunity, the challenge and the transition that needs to be made.

B. Benchmarking
Objective: Gain insight on other companies in your market. What is being said and how do they communicate?

This is a research phase. Depending on our brief we might be reviewing your website and market messages or we might be looking at your company as a whole and ascertaining what is going on in the marketplace from several different perspectives. During this phase we are immersing ourselves in your world.

C. Standardization of survey/questionnaire which will be used for the upcoming audits
Objective: Develop consistent set of questions for interviews

We now need to talk to your team on the ground, partners, customers, investors and anyone else who can bring insight to the project. In this critical phase we create the questions that we are going to ask everyone. With the right questions we will be able to garner excellent insight and value.

D. Internal audit
Objective: To hear multiple internal perspectives on our agreed topics

Armed with our survey we carry out interviews, either on-line, or face-to face with a good sample of your your internal team

E. External audit
Objective: To hear multiple external perspectives on our agreed topics

We repeat the process with anyone who influences your company from an external POV. Your customers, investors and suppliers.

F. Analysis + correlation of  insights and key themes
Objective: To establish insights and recommendations to elevate your workplace/business/product

During this phase we are looking for common themes. What are the topics and challenges that keep showing up? What are the insights around moving forward? We also ensure that we unfold the things that everyone says you are doing really well and should keep doing. This step provides the foundation and jumping off point for the development work in step G.

chemistryG. Brand (culture) tool development
Objective: To articulate a brand hierarchy and behavioral DNA that can be applied across all your business drivers and functions

Your team, or a task force, will be pivotal in this phase. We want to foster ownership around the development of the culture and the brand’s positioning. We provide the process and your team creates within it. We look at your purpose, values, goals and envisioned future. This phase involves some very collaborative work sessions; it’s a process of experimentation, trying new approaches and seeing what resonates. It’s in this phase that we will articulate the filters for your brand culture and explore how they can be applied across each of your business drivers.

H. Creative Development and further task force initiatives
Objective: Put strategic filter into action and build shared understanding around these example activities:
  • Unfreezing/refreezing powerful habits
  • Coaching sessions (conflict/challenges)
  • Articulation of roles & responsibilities
  • Development plans & annual review strategy
  • Employee brand development/HR policy review
  • Talent development (training)
  • Operations/creative process review
  • Business model review
  • Marketing/sales review
I. Cascade
Objective: Roll-out brand communications in a way that resonates

Together we then develop a plan to cascade & share the strategy in a way that is truly embraced by your full team and inspires them to apply it. This could be an employee meeting, a retreat, an activity that includes gamification, news releases, website updates etc etc.Beyond these phases we are often retained to work with key employees on a monthly basis to help the company thrive through this period of transition.

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