Q. With all these folks behaving and talking the same way will I be surrounded by a team of drones?

We are not talking about squashing anyone’s spirit here, in fact we are leveraging that spirit to create company evangelists and ambassadors to spread the good word. And if the team love their purpose at work they are likely to be happy at home too. How nice will it be to surround yourself with happy fulfilled people who are all on the same page?

Q. Why would I choose One Voice over another approach?

Firstly if you find a company that is coaching led, has international experience and has also worked extensively in brand culture, give us a call, we would love to benchmark. We care passionately about people being fulfilled by what they spend their 9-5 doing (or their 6am-10pm) and know that with your partnership everyone will benefit. We get into the thick of it with you, we don’t just consult from afar.

Q. How does it work?

Well we have an initial chat to see how we can be of value to you and your company. You then appoint us and we take a brief that establishes where your company stands today and where you would like to take it. We then look at the opportunity, the challenge and the transition that needs to be made and we are likely to take an audit. We want to learn all we can by talking to your employees, looking at your competition in the marketplace and talking to your customers to see how they all feel about you – yep feel!

Next would be a series of collaborative work sessions with key team members to establish each element of your brand culture and the exploration of how it can be applied across each of your business drivers.

Visit One Voice process to learn more about the order of activities.

Q. When would I engage with the One Voice brand culture program?

One Voice will be valuable to you if:

  • You are thinking of starting a business
  • You operate a business and lack the filters to make ‘on brand’ decisions.
  • Your company is growing and you wish for all employees to become effective brand ambassadors.
  • Your brand is not currently leveraging it’s values to create an authentic, engaging and memorable relationship experience internally or externally.
  • You want to organize your thoughts.
  • You are looking to develop a series of integrated marketing tools.
  • You have been acquired or are merging with another company.
  • Your company is experiencing conflict.

Q. What will it cost?

Every contract is different and we thrive on diverse work. We may work with a dance school with twenty employees one month and a privately owned manufacturing company with 500 employees the next. We therefore price each project based on its particular need. We also take things step by step so we can build a lot of trust with our clients. This is a process not an overnight fix.

Q. Can you provide references?

The work we do is pretty confidential, we really get to the heart and soul of a company so we don’t list all that we work with but we can absolutely put you in touch with a few of our clients who would be happy to share their experience.