Company Culture

dna“A company is not a machine but a living organism, and much like an individual, it can have a collective sense of identity and fundamental purpose. This is the organizational equivalent of self knowledge – a shared understanding of what the company stands for, where it’s going, what kind of world it wants to live in and most importantly how it intends to make that world a reality” —Ikujiro Nonaka

Companies just like yours spend a lot of time and money developing relationships with their target audience. But while you are focusing all your attention out in the marketplace what’s happening with your relationships back at the ranch? Does Gloria in the call center know that you value ‘tender care’ over ‘eye rolling sarcasm’, and is Bill in product development really observing your vision to only use ‘traditional’ methods, when he’s running up bills researching new technology? And when exactly did your HR team and brand guys last hang out to chat about the synergies between internal and external communications?

Through a mix of coaching and consultancy we can define and communicate
the company DNA that makes you, you. We call this process ‘One Voice’.

This is not a traditional approach to developing company culture and branding. Yes we can work with you and your team on your brand strategy; positioning, values, products, customer benefits, etc. but we don’t stop there. We know that in order for you to thrive emotionally and profitably, your entire team need to be energized around a purpose; an inspirational idea that develops into a brand culture – so fundamental and yet so often overlooked.

We can’t apply brand culture to people; we can’t just make up some empty values, pop on a logo, step back and expect magic because brands don’t just spring to life outside your front door. Look behind you, there’s the pulse of your brand, pulling her hair out trying to keep up with your IT needs, your office supplies and training new staff.

6people-cropA great company culture behaves in a way that is authentic and consistent; from core values, purpose and inherent essence.
Knows where it is headed, is empowered and travels towards common goals.
Communicates and shows up in the world intentionally and consciously.
Inspires others.

Your company’s sustained success is based on the ability of your whole team to embrace your purpose and vision, and align around the same value system. When you do have an aligned company culture, where everyone behaves and talks with a single voice, your products and services will sing out loud.

One Voice was developed to address the ongoing observation that an awful lot of companies simply don’t walk their talk. They have flashy ad campaigns that say one thing and an internal culture that actually dictates something quite different. Then there are the mergers and acquisitions where two different cultures come together and are simply expected to coexist (this can even be seen across departments, your engineering and marketing teams might speak an entirely different language!) The consequences are wide and varied but include team conflict, dilution of product, unnecessary expenditure of time and resources and less than loyal consumers.

Sustainable culture starts here, investing in and inspiring your people. Please contact us for a One Voice quotation for your company.

A friend recommended Candice as a branding specialist – just the type of person who could help us take a fresh approach to a thriving, yet chaotic business environment. I had an instant connection with Candice. I knew that she understood where I was as a business owner and where my staff was as part of the larger picture. She instantly made perfect sense and she set to work directing us in a new path to success. In a compassionate, hands-on approach, Candice came to us with an open mind and amazing insight. She has helped us look to our future with confidence that will be an important part of our culture for many years to come.

– Jana Belot, Executive Director, New Jersey, USA

From our first meeting with Candice, the proverbial light switch turned on.  I have never worked with someone more intuitive, yet pragmatic.  I just threw information at her for hours; she came back with a cohesive structure that correctly identified the greater overall business purpose, and explained why I had been feeling so suffocated by our prior structure.  It was enlightening – and freeing.

As we continued to refine, Candice’s sharp insight continued to provide welcomed guidance.  There was no “mailing it in” with Candice – she quickly identified whether our ideas were authentic to the brand culture that was emerging and called us out when they weren’t – in the nicest possible way.  It was a learning experience more intense, and more practical, than any I had experienced.

– Holly Mosier, Attorney, Arizona, USA